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Scarlet and Gold.

Courage of a Lion. Heart Like Iron.

Hogwarts for Everyone's Gryffindor House
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Welcome to hogwarts_for_me!!!

If you were sorted into Gryffindor at sorting_for_me then welcome home!

Same rules as the main community apply here, but now you can mingle and talk to your own house without the views of other houses. Open forum, just follow the rules. Congratulations!

Also, as a side note, until we can figure out how to make the entire community journal Friends Only, would you kind, brave Gryffindors post your entries that way? Friends locked so as to keep our common room a secret. You might as well give them the password. Do you think the Fat Lady would care so long as someone's got the right word?


Yeah, me neither.

  • Well, glad THAT'S sorted out.
    Welcome post, and post a hello back.
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